The couples therapist with over 30 years experience

Arslan Therapy


I am committed to helping couples develop lives that are happy and fulfilling. I work collaboratively with you to develop a treatment plan that takes into account each person’s unique needs. My therapy style is to be warm, caring and directive; creating a safe and compassionate environment in which each individual can learn and grow. 

I use a flexible, eclectic approach that can provide:

  • short term solution-oriented couples therapy (cognitive/behavioral)
  • as well as more long-term, in-depth couple's systems treatment
  • depending upon the needs of each individual

I assist couples in:

  • Developing skills to feel understood and cared for
  • Communicating effectively to stop arguments
  • Creating a method to solve problems successfully
  • Recovering from actions that have harmed the relationship (affairs, addictions, violence, etc.)
  • Understanding your own unique past and how it affects you in the relationship